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Statewide Delivery

About Statewide Delivery

Statewide resource sharing runs over a single delivery network operated by Priority Dispatch, Inc. This area contains information about delivery and the delivery materials needed to participate in statewide resource sharing.

Delivery Resources for Participants

Shipping Labels

Label Usage Guidelines

  1. For proper print formatting, set your browser margin settings to 0.25 inches.  Additionally, the zoom level on your browser must be set to 0 (you can usually hit Ctrl+0 to reset the zoom).
  2. Shipping labels must be affixed to the side of all shipping containers. Shipping labels affixed to the top of a shipping container can be hidden when other containers are placed in a stack.
  3. Old shipping labels – You must remove all old labels attached to any shipping container. This will prevent the materials from being shipped to an erroneous location.
  4. Hub - It is very important that the hub is on the label. It belongs in the right upper corner.
  5. Do not fold the shipping labels. The entire label must be clearly visible at all times.


Manifest List

The Statewide Delivery Report is updated as new locations are added, deleted or changed. Please report errors in the manifest list through the Delivery Customer Service form.

Other Resources

The OhioLINK consortium provides delivery services via the same shipping company supporting Statewide Delivery.  For those libraries who may need to ship an item to an OhioLINK library, please see the following link for shipping information:

OhioLINK label page