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Joining the Statewide Delivery Network

Important Note:

If you wish to join Ohio Libraries Share: MORE and do not have Statewide Delivery Service, please wait until after your Ohio Libraries Share: MORE staff training before signing up for Statewide Delivery. Exception: If you are a public library borrowing materials from SEO, you will need to join Statewide Delivery now.


Signing Up for Delivery Service

To receive a contract for Statewide Delivery, submit the corresponding form for your type of organization. This will start the sign-up procedure. This does not sign you up for the Ohio Libraries Share: MORE requesting system (see note above).

School Signup Form | Public Library Signup Form

Please submit the form information at least 7-10 business days prior to expected start of service. Once you have notified us that you would like to begin delivery, the State Library will send you a contract including the pro-rated amount (see current pricing). Please return the signed contract to the State Library. The State Library will invoice you after they have received signed contracts from you and the Statewide Delivery Vendor. Do not mail checks to the State Library until your institution has been invoiced by the State Library.

Contracts and Purchase Orders

Contracts and purchase orders for Statewide Delivery Services are with the State Library of Ohio. Purchase order information is below.
State Library of Ohio
State of Ohio FTI# 31–1334820
274 East First Avenue, Suite 100
Columbus, Ohio 43201
Phone: (614) 644–6879  Fax: (614) 387–0601