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Ohio Public Library Statistics


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Data Spreadsheets

Data spreadsheets are in Excel format and include most of the data collected in the State Library Annual Report.  Note:  The tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet provide additional data. To download and manipulate the data according to your needs, open and save the document onto your computer.  If you do not have Excel, or would like to request a customized spreadsheet or need assistance, contact Lisa Hickle at the State Library of Ohio at 1-800-686-1532 (Ohio only) or 614-644-6920 or

2013 Ohio Public Library Statistics

2012 Ohio Public Library Statistics

2011 Ohio Public Library Statistics

2010 Ohio Public Library Statistics

2009 Ohio Public Library Statistics

2008 Ohio Public Library Statistics

2007 Ohio Public Library Statistics

2006 Ohio Public Library Statistics



The State Library has prepared a spreadsheet ranking the libraries for each year by Number of Registered Borrowers, FTE's, Circulation, PLF/LLGSF, Materials Expenditures, Total Operating Expenditures as well as a spreadsheet showing the library's ranking for each data element.

2008 Ohio Public Library Rankings

2007 Ohio Public Library Rankings

2006 Ohio Public Library Rankings


Ohio Public Library Statistical Data prior to 2006

2005 Ohio Public Library Statistics  

2005 Ohio Public Library Rankings


 By County and Town with State Totals

2005 Ohio Public Library Statistics

2004 Ohio Public Library Statistics (in .xls format)

2003 Ohio Public Library Statisticsin .pdf format or .xls format

2002 Ohio Public Library Statistics

2001 Ohio Public Library Statistics

2000 Ohio Public Library Statistics




Statewide Statistical Summaries – A summary of Ohio Public Library statistics from 1993 to 2003.
in .pdf format or .xls format




FSCS numberslisted by city



National Library Statistics

Annual statistics on U.S. public libraries are available from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). Data are collected by state library agencies and compiled by NCES with the support of the U.S. Census Bureau's Division of Governments and the U.S. National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS). The annual NCES report on U.S. public libraries provides data for the nation, each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia, and each of 11 population ranges. Major data categories include: library name and address, outlets, staffing, income and expenditures, collections, Internet computers, library visits, circulation, reference questions, interlibrary loan, and use of electronic services.

Academic Libraries

Data Files
Comparison Tool

Public Libraries

Data Files & Rankings (see Appendix A)
Peer Analysis Tool for Library Comparisons

School Library & Media Centers

Data Files

State Library Agency Surveys

Data Files

LPD_2005_statsbycounty.xls140 KB
LPD_2004statsbycounty.xls140 KB
LPD_2003statsbycounty.xls164.5 KB
LPD_2003statsbycounty.pdf76.26 KB
LPD_2002statsbycounty.xls162.5 KB
LPD_2001statsbycounty.xls151.5 KB
LPD_93-03summary.xls17 KB
LPD_93-03summary.pdf10.14 KB
LPD_06OHLIBStatisticAveRevpercapita.xls619 KB
LPD_06OhioLibraryStatisticFullFile.xls831 KB
LPD_05volsheld.xls49.5 KB
LPD_05staffexpend.xls160.5 KB
LPD_05revenue.xls161.5 KB
LPD_05regborrowers.xls42 KB
LPD_05publibstats.xls279.5 KB
LPD_05overall.xls56.5 KB
LPD_05operatingexp.xls67 KB
LPD_05matexp.xls161.5 KB
LPD_05llgsf.xls42 KB
LPD_05FTE.xls38 KB
LPD_05circ.xls38.5 KB
LPD_07OhioLibraryStatisticFullFile.xls804 KB
revised LPD_2000statsbycounty.xls149.5 KB
LPD_08_Rankingsa.xls175 KB
LPD_08_Ohio_Library_Statistic_Full_File_b.xls854 KB
LPD_06_Rankings.xls221.5 KB
LPD_07_ Rankings.xls195.5 KB
LPD_08_ Rankings.xls221 KB
LPD_05_Rankings.xls179 KB
LPD_09_Ohio_Library_Statistic_Full_File.xls846 KB
LPD_10_Ohio_Library_Statistic_Full_File.xls702.5 KB
LPD_11_Ohio_Library_Statistic_Full_File.xls978 KB
LPD_12_ Ohio_ Library_ Statistics_ Full_ file.xls487 KB
LPD_13_Ohio_Library_Statistics_Full_file.xls447 KB