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Collection Development & Management Policy

Since the Depository Library Act of 1962 (P.L. 87–579), the State Library of Ohio has been the regional depository library for the state of Ohio. As the regional, the State Library of Ohio serves the entire state of Ohio in addition to its primary users state government and the library community.

Collection Development

  1. As a regional, Government Information Services will receive and permanently retain at least one copy of all government publications distributed by the Federal Depository Library Program.
  2. Commercially published retrospective collections that broaden the scope of the documents collection will be purchased, as funds are available. These include CIS hearings and executive documents on microfiche.
  3. Needs and offers lists from Ohio depositories and other states will be checked to secure replacements for missing documents.
  4. Additional U.S. government publications may be purchased.
  5. Reference works considered essential to the effective use of the collection will be acquired.
  6. Only duplicate or appropriate superseded materials will be withdrawn. Guidelines of the "List of Superseded Documents" will be followed. As long as space is not a consideration, superseded materials will be stamped "SUPERSEDED" and retained on the shelf.
  7. All claimable publications missing from depository shipments will be claimed from GPO in a timely manner. Microfiche and electronic shipment numbers will be tracked to alert staff of missing documents.

Collection Management

  1. The Superintendent of Documents (Sudocs) classification system will be used for the collection.
  2. The Library of Congress classification system will be used for commercial publications.
  3. The online catalog will serve as the shelflist for the collection.
  4. Microforms, audiovisual material, CD–Roms, DVD's, diskettes, maps and other alternative formats will be treated in a similar manner to print publications.
  5. Periodicals and major census reports for the United States and Ohio will be bound as funds are available.
  6. Government Information Services is included in the State Library of Ohio's disaster plan.


  1. Federal documents are included in the online catalog from 1976 forward. Pre–1976 publications are added to the online catalog as staff time permits.
  2. Indexing tools are available for pre–1976 publications.
  3. Bibliographic records for all formats including electronic publications are downloaded to the online catalog formerly from Autographics and since January 2003 from Marcive.
  4. All bibliographic records added to the State Library of Ohio catalog are also included in the OhioLINK central catalog.
  5. Federal publications circulate with the exception of reference materials and older, fragile materials.
  6. Microfiche will be duplicated rather than circulated. Microfiche/microfilm reader printers are available for patron use.
  7. Items in compact shelving must be paged. The remainder of the collection is in open stacks.
  8. Reference service is available by phone, fax, and email or in person during hours of operation.