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Non–Depository Index and Microfiche Sets

American Statistics Index

Index 1974–current
Microfiche 1974–2000
Non-depository microfiche 2001
CIS Index to Publications of the United States Congress
Congressional Reports, Documents, Hearings, Prints
Indexes, Abstracts, Legislative Histories 1970–current
Microfiche 1970–1991 from CIS
Microfiche 1980–current from GPO
CIS Index to Unpublished U.S. House of Representatives Committee Hearings, 1833–1936
Indexes and microfiche
CIS Index to Unpublished U. S. Senate Committee Hearings, 1823–1984
Indexes and microfiche
CIS U.S. Congressional Committee Hearings Index, 1833–1969
Indexes and microfiche
Witness index on microfiche
CIS U.S. Congressional Committee Prints Index: from the earliest publications through 1969
Indexes and microfiche
CIS U.S. Executive Branch Documents, 1789–1909 / 1910–1932
Indexes and microfiche
CIS U.S. House Unpublished Hearings, 1833–1968 / 1969–1972
Indexes and microfiche
CIS U.S. Senate Executive Documents and Reports, 1817–1969
Indexes and microfiche
CIS U.S. Senate Unpublished Hearings, 1823–1976 / 1977–1980 / 1981-1984
Indexes and microfiche
CIS U.S. Serial Set, 1789–1969
Indexes and microfiche
Index and Carto–Bibliography of Maps
The Declassified Documents Reference System
Retrospective collection (1945–1974) and the annual collection for 1975
Index and Microfiche
The Declassified Documents are a microfiche collection of thousands of post World War II United States government documents which were formerly classified top secret, secret or confidential. The documents come from the Central Intelligence Agency, the State Department, various components of the Defense Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Technical Information Service and many other government agencies.
Records of the U.S. Indian Claims Commission
Records include decisions, expert testimony, transcripts of oral expert testimony, briefs, GAO reports, legislative history of the ICC Act, docket books, and journal.
There is a print Index to Decisions and a print Index to Expert Testimony.
Reports Required by Congress: CIS guide to executive communications.
Index and Microfiche
As required by statute, Executive Communications are reports prepared by executive and judicial branch officials and agencies and submitted to Congress.