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Ohio Regional Library Systems

Ohio Regional Library Systems are member-driven, multi-type library organizations that coordinate and facilitate the development of professional development events and other innovative services for Ohio academic, public, school, and special libraries.

Regional Service Areas

There are four Regional Library Systems in Ohio:
Northeast    NEO-RLS
Northwest   NORWELD
Southeast    SERLS
Southwest   SWON Libraries

These areas are divided along county lines as pictured on the map.


The State Library of Ohio's total amount allocated the Regional Library Systems for each fiscal year is $582,469. Each regional receives $145,617.25.

These state dollars are to be used to fund the basics: provide a director, clerk treasurer, CE coordinator, facility rent, utilities and provide technical support to libraries through the Regional.


The primary function of the Regional Library Systems is to provide library continuing education. Click here to see the statewide CE Ohio calendar.

Special services and products have been developed by individual organizations and Regional Library Systems.  Regionals are encouraged to develop new models for sharing these services and products which might be of interest to libraries across the state.


All libraries, of all types, are considered "associate" or "core" members of the Regional Library System service area within which it falls geographically. These libraries have access to core services provided by the State Library and delivered through the Regional Library Systems.  Any additional library services and discounts are available through membership in the Regional Library Systems.

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