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Preserving State of Ohio Electronic Publications


The State Library of Ohio preserves state publications for future researchers and makes them accessible to all Ohio citizens.

The law requiring this distribution of publications is section 149.11 of the Ohio Revised code.  It mandates that all state departments, divisions, bureaus, boards and commissions must send to the State Library 100 copies of each publication prepared for the general public.

The State Library keeps two copies of each publication, one for the permament reference collection and a circulating copy.

Through the state depository program, Ohio publications are distributed to 46 public and academic libraries in Ohio, the Library of Congress and selected out-of-state libraries.  As a result, every Ohio resident can consult state government publications in a nearby library or ask their library to borrow a publication through interlibrary loan.

Preserving Electronic Publications

Now, more than ever, state government agencies are turning to the Web to provide information previously available only on paper.  This instant access to information saves tax dollars by reducing printing and distribution costs.  But the easy by which these publications are added to and removed from the Web is creating a dilemma for the State Library of Ohio, which by law is required to collect and maintain comprehensive collections of publications for the State of Ohio.

To resolve this dilemma, the State Library of Ohio is participating in a project to build a sustainable digital library, with the ability to track, preserve, and provide long-term access to Web-based publications that exist only in electronic form.

In addition to making agency publications more accessible to the public, the State Library of Ohio will create preservation information and preserve the publication digitally in an electronic archive.

How to Participate

One hundred copies of each publication your agency produces for general public use should be sent to the State Library of Ohio.  This includes everything from lengthy technical reports to pamphlets and periodicals.  If only a small number of publications are printed, send the State Library two copies, one for reference and one to circulate.

If a publication is only produced electronically, let us know by e-mailing the URL to Kirstin Krumsee, Government Information Library Consultant at the State Library of Ohio.