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Meeting Room Policy



  1. The primary purpose of meeting rooms is for State Library activities, including programs presented by State Library staff or by other organizations affiliated with the State Library. When a meeting room is not being used for a State Library activity, then it may be used by the library community for library related functions.
  2. State of Ohio agencies may reserve rooms for work–related purposes.
  3. Meeting rooms are not available to for–profit organizations or meetings, or to other groups falling outside of those mentioned in this policy.


  1. To reserve a room call: 614–644–7061 or 1–800–686–1532.
  2. Reservations for regularly scheduled meetings will be accepted up to one year in advance. The State Library reserves the right to limit the frequency of use of its meeting rooms, to cancel reservations and to review any or all applications before granting approval. Reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis.
  3. The State Library maintains a calendar listing of confirmed meeting dates which is available to the public.
  4. The needs of the State Library of Ohio take precedence over other groups. The State Library reserves the right to cancel prior meeting room reservations with a least 48 hours notice, or with less notice in case of emergency (weather emergencies, etc.).
  5. Groups using the State Library meeting rooms need to end the meeting or program, clean up, move tables and chairs (as needed) and exit the meeting room 15 minutes before the State Library's closing time. State Library business hours for use of these rooms are: 8–5 Monday – Friday, Closed Saturday & Sunday.
  6. Groups may cancel their reservations at any time and should notify the State Library as soon as possible.

General Room Information

  1. Three small meeting rooms (capacity 12 or less), a medium sized room (capacity 50), a large boardroom (capacity 12 – 100) and training room (capacity 24) are available for use. Such use of meeting room facilities must take place in a responsible manner, without undue cost to the State Library of Ohio.
  2. The State Library does not advocate or endorse the viewpoints of any group or individual. Meeting room use shall not be publicized in such a way as to imply State Library sponsorship.
  3. A group using a meeting room may rearrange furniture, but must then return the room to its original condition.
  4. The State Library is a non–smoking facility.
  5. Meeting room programs must not interfere with State Library operations. The State Library is not liable for injuries to people or damage to property, individuals or organizations using the meeting rooms.
  6. Fund raising events are not permitted. Meetings that promote, advertise, or lead (directly or indirectly) to sale of products or services are not permitted.
  7. The State Library cannot supply storage space.


  1. Rest rooms, a vending machine, and a microwave oven are available at all times.
  2. Refreshments may be served. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited. Groups are responsible for making their own catering or food arrangements.

Lactation Area

  1. The State Library recognizes the unique needs and legal rights of nursing mothers. Conference Room A has been made available for nursing mothers, should they need to express breast milk or if they desire privacy while nursing their children.  
  2. The State Library recommends that nursing mothers call ahead to reserve Conference Room A for lactation purposes whenever possible.
  3. Should Conference Room A be unavailable, every effort will be made by State Library staff to arrange alternative accommodations for nursing mothers. 


  1. Use of meeting rooms is free of charge during the State Library's regular business hours.

Training Room

  1. Use of the Training Room is available to groups covered in this policy. All meeting room policies apply to use of the Training Room.
  2. The Training Room contains 12 networked personal computers, plus one PC for the trainer. The room can accommodate up to 24 individuals, two per terminal.
  3. Users may not add, delete or alter software loaded on the PCs. A list of pre–installed software is available upon request.
  4. Users must abide by the State Library's Internet Access Policy while using the Training Room.