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Packing and Shipping Instructions

Statewide Delivery Shipping Instructions

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  1. Shipping Container Specifics
    • Bags:
      1. Canvas and zipper bags: If additional canvas bags are needed, post a message to the State wide delivery mailing list stating the type(s) of bags needed. Please do not accumulate excess quantities of bags: they should be returned to SEO in Caldwell by the Statewide Delivery Vendor. Defective bags should be returned to the State Library of Ohio in Columbus for repair. (Smudged windows can be cleaned with a spray cleaner or detergent). For the zipper bags, pin the zipper to the bag with a safety pin.
      2. 9" x 12" or larger envelopes: Bubble jiffy bags should be stapled, not taped shut, so they can be reused. 
    • Plastic totes and boxes:
      1. Plastic Totes (with attached lids) : The flaps of the plastic tubs should be secured with wire ties to prevent materials from spilling out.
      2. Cardboard Boxes:  Should be strong and in good condition and are not packed too full. The boxes should be sealed with a strong, reinforced packing tape. Do not use scotch tape for these boxes. All labels, logos, tages, etc from prior shipments (i.e. Fedex, USPS, UPS) must be removed, marked out or covered.  Heavy self closing "Pizza-type" boxes are recommended for shipping media items.
  2. Weight Limits – Shipping bags or containers should not exceed 40 pounds each for libraries.
  3. Securing Items
    1. Place DVD's, CD's, CD-ROM's and other fragile items in bubble wrap or sleeves or "pizza style boxes" prior to placing them in shipping container. If items are not transported in plastic tubs or canvas bags, place fragile items in a padded bag.
    2. Do not tape bubble wrap to materials. Secure the wrap with a rubber band.
    3. For more secure transport, place a rubber band around books–on–tape and books–on–CD.

Shipping Labels

The latest shipping labels along with label usage guidelines are available on this web page.