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Proxy FAQ

Some of the Library's resources –databases and electronic journals – are restricted to registered State Library of Ohio patrons. Access is controlled by Internet address. Users connecting from computers that are part of the State Library of Ohio's domain (on–site users at the library's location) have direct access to these restricted subscription resources via the Library's web pages, while persons outside the domain must take the additional step of authenticating their State Library patron status.

Please note that the following FAQ pertains only to restricted resources directly supported via State Library of Ohio authentication services. Although very similar in nature, State Library of Ohio supported databases are distinct from OhioLINK databases and resources in terms of authentication services. If you are a state of Ohio employee and are experiencing problems with access to OhioLINK resources please view the following document: OhioLINK FAQ

FAQ Contents

General Access Issues

  1. How do I Login?
  2. When I follow the link to a particular resource, it does not take me to the login page
  3. What constitutes a "session" and⁄or why do I get timeout messages
  4. Non–Specific Error Messages

Firewall and SSL Issues

  1. Connection problems at work
  2. Connection problems at home

 For Help With

  1. Patron Card:Circulation Desk  (614) 644–6950 or, email circhelp
  2. Using Online Resources: Contact a Reference Librarian at (614) 644–7051 or send an e-mail to Reference Services
  3. Access and Firewall Support State Library's Systems Helpdesk at (614) 728–8627 or, email Systems staff

 Patron Registration

If you are a State of Ohio employee or, a resident of Ohio and are interested in becoming a patron then, refer to the following page for instructions on obtaining a patron card. [Top]

General Access Issues

  1. How do I Login?

    If you are off–site and select a link on one of the library's web pages or from within the library's OPAC, you will be prompted to login. You will be asked to login only once during your current session. To login, you need to enter your name (Lastname Firstname) and patron id ( the last nine digits of your bar code located on your library card ).

Note:  The name entered must be entered exactly as in the patron record. If you are unsure of the format contact the circulation desk at the State Library of Ohio. For example, John Doe would be entered as Doe John   [Top]

  1. When I follow the link to a particular resource, it does not take me to the login page

    If you have already logged in, you won't be prompted again. You only need to login once per session and you won't be prompted again, unless you close your browser.   [Top]
  2. What constitutes a "session" and⁄or why do I get a "timeout message"

    A session lasts from the time you first login until you close your browser. Also, many databases have a timeout feature that automatically logs you out if you haven't interacted with it for a certain amount of time. You will need to return to the page where you originally clicked on the link for the resource, and log in again. NOTE: Time spent reading an article or composing a message to accompany citations you are mailing to someone does not count as time spent interacting with the database⁄resource, and may trigger the timeout even though you are still "using" the database or other online resource.   [Top]
  3. Non–Specific Error Messages

    Whenever you get an error page, especially one that doesn't come from the library's authentication server, it is important that you note what the error page says, the URL you were trying to access (and from where) and other relevant information.

If you are unsure of how to fix the problem, contact the State Library's Systems Helpdesk at (614) 728–8627 or, email Systems staff providing as much detail as possible.   [Top]

Firewall and SSL Issues

A firewall is software or hardware that blocks unauthorized access to your computer or network. Many ISPs and government agencies use a firewall to restrict access to their internal network. You may also be running firewall software at home if your computer is connected to the internet via DSL or a cable modem. The following items may have impact on accessing resources.

Many corporate or government systems use a firewall for security purposes.

  • Access to the State Library's authentication proxy server is required for secure entry of your Name and PatronID. The proxy server is also configured for a secure connection; your workplace may be blocking access to secure web pages.
  • If you have questions regarding the configuration of your local firewall, please contact your network administrator.  Network administrators requiring further information may contact the State Library's Systems Helpdesk at (614) 728-8627.   [Top]

Security measures (e.g. firewalls) on your home network may prevent use of a proxy server.

  • Please refer to the documentation that came with your firewall application, or contact the company directly via email, web, etc.
  • Please see the Connection problems at work area above for information on the required Firewall Settings   [Top]