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Snapshot Day: A Day in the Life of Ohio Libraries

In order to avoid duplication of effort the State Library will not be hosting Ohio Libraries Snapshot Day this year. The 2014 Library as Community Hubs committee from Library Leadership Ohio announced they plan to coordinate an Ohio Library Day, Meet Your Neighbor! in April, 2015.

Use Ohio Library Snapshot Day to Advocate for Your Library


Libraries have until January 15, 2014 to post their photos with captions to the Ohio Library Snapshot Day 2013 Flickr group at (don’t forget to tag them).

Report favorite stories collected at libraries in the survey.

Use pictures and stories after Snapshot Day is over.


In Just One Day…

…you can create the story of your library, and how you impact your community.

In Just One Day…

…you can help build the case that will help lawmakers understand the importance of funding & support for Ohio Libraries.

In Just One Day…

…you CAN make a difference.

During the month of November 2013 libraries across Ohio are encouraged to pick a day to collect photographs, stories, information, and comments to show what takes place in the library on a typical day.  Participating libraries will upload photos and video to a Ohio Library Snapshot Day 2013 Flickr group and fill out an online survey through Survey Monkey.  The results show that libraries consistently provide invaluable services to their communities.

The goal for 2013 is to increase participation in Snapshot Day activities and advoacy efforts for each of the types of libraries.

Top 5 reasons to participate in Library Snapshot Day 2013:

5.   Gives your library a chance to collect anecdotal evidence that shows how libraries are a transformational force in people’s lives.

4.   Sharing stories from library users creates a powerful message, raises awareness, and shows community leaders, legislators, and the public how you benefit the community.

3.   Increases staff morale by showing that the library does positively impact community members and that the work they do matters.

2.   Highlights the importance of the library as an valuable community center that provides equal access to resources vital for thriving in today’s digital world.

And the biggest reason to participate in Library Snapshot Day 2013:

1.   Gives you a reason to contact your elected officials to visit your library and share your library’s story just in time for the creation of the next biennial budget.

The toolkit has been created to make it easy for libraries to participate.  If you would like to see examples of Snapshot Day in other states go to the ALA's Snapshot Day website. We have used several of the items in the Snapshot Day primer as templates for the Ohio toolkit.

For more information, please contact Marsha McDevitt-Stredney, 614-644-6875 or, or Jonathan Campbell, 614-644-6847,


Snapshot Committee Members

Jill Holton Arrasmith, Ohio Library Council

Jonathan Campbell, State Library of Ohio

Stephen Hedges, OPLIN

Marsha McDevitt-Stredney, State Library of Ohio

Bill Morris, State Library of Ohio

Christine Morris, OHIONET

Laura T. Sponhour, INFOhio

Eliza Sproat, OhioLINK

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ToolKit - Resources for a successful snapshot day


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Graphic of Results with photos from flickr

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Snapshot Day Results graphic

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Snapshot Day: A Day in the Life of Ohio Libraries is a project of the State Library of Ohio in collaboration with  the Ohio Library Council, OPLIN, OhioLINK, OHIONET, ALAO, OELMA, and INFOhio.  Each year, Ohio libraries will participate in this advocacy effort by collecting photographs, stories, information, and comments to get a snapshot of a typical day in Ohio libraries.  All types of libraries are encouraged to participate to showcase what libraries do for Ohio residents.